Future is Primitive


Brixton’s Baddest proudly presents the European premier of “The Future is Primitive” a documentary by Katsuya Nonaka

Shakuhachi and Skateboarding. They seem to have nothing to do with each other. But they actually have many things in common and also share the same problem. The problem is not just for Shakuhachi or Skateboarding. It relates to all of us living in this modern world. Through the interviews with Shakuhachi players and skaters, this documentary reveals the common things and the problem they share. Viewers will ask themselves this question: ‘What should we do for the future?’ As time goes by and in this modern civilization, where are the roots heading up to?

Directors performance and Q&A after the screening
event currated by Keiko Yoshida
Gou Miyagi
Pontus Alv
Yusuke Hirata
Ryan Sheckler
Minami Katsumi
Chopper Taiichiro Nakamura
Silas baxter neal
Kohei Matsumoto
Kogetsu Maekawa
Daitetsu Kosuge
Peter Smith
Tomoharu Miyazato
Alcvin Ramos
Yoshiharu Yoshida
Kiku Day
Satoshi Shimura
Kaoru Kakizakai
Kifu Mistuhashi
Hisashi Nakamura
Atsuya Okuda